Berenschot Molen

Inside the water mill is the restaurant. Take a seat in one of the many rooms of the water mill, amidst the turning comb wheels. Inside the water mill you can also still hear the turning of the old water wheel with its characteristic grind.

Outside, you can enjoy the waterfront on a large sun terrace. Here you have a beautiful view of the Slinge brook, originating from Oeding (DE), and the water wheel. You are also on the edge of Nature Reserve the Bekendelle (Beek 'n Dal) so you will see the Kingfisher and Grey Wagtail fly by many times.



The interior of the water mill is rural, tough and industrial. Of course, the water mill has a long history, which is well reflected in the various rooms. Together, the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

The water mill has 5 floors, each with its own charm. At the bottom of the water mill is the "Bagging Room" where bags used to be filled with cattle feed. Next to the "Sacking Room" is a room where you can stand at the bottom of the water mill and watch the back of the water wheel. One floor up you come out to the entrance and bar. Above that is the floor of the "Biscuit Attic." This is where the cake slices used to be piled up. These cakes went through the cookie crusher to make chunks. Next to the "Biscuit Attic" is the "Grinding Attic." Here you will find the grinding gear, comb wheels, the old grinding stones and the cake crusher. One floor up, you come out in the "Grain Attic". Here the sacks of grain were lifted from a covered wagon and stored. In each room you will still find materials that the Berenschot family used to mill with, such as bag stamps, carts to move the bags, comb wheels, bag stoppers, equipment from the hammer mill, covered wagon parts, etc.


Old Grain Silo and Shovel

Next to the water mill, you will also see a "Grain Silo." This Grain Silo consists of 8 steel cubes. This used to store grain. Currently there is a "Tourist Information Point" located below where you can find more information about the area and routes.

Opposite the water mill is an old "Schoppe". Schoppe means barn in the dialect. In the mid-1800s a windmill stood here. This was demolished after several years to build this "Schoppe". The "Schoppe" functioned as storage for tiles, poles, wheels and covered wagons.

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Berenschot Molen
korenmolen / silogebouw c.a.
Wooldseweg 74
7108 AB Winterswijk-Woold


Berenschot Molen is a Dutch watermill with undercut wheel, a corn mill on the Upper Slinge River. The corn mill has 1 pair of 16der artificial stones. Berenschot's Watermolen was built in 1652 as part of the Plekenpol manor and was rebuilt in 1749. When G.W. Berenschot bought the water corn mill in 1911, the mill was given the name it still bears today. After a major flood in 1960, the mill was out of service until 1984.

In 1964, a large grain silo was built for storage. Modern machinery such as hammer mills, molasses mixer, quick mixer and a pellet press produced many types of animal feed. The Grain Silo stands next to the water mill. Various products used to be stored in it, today the Grain Silo is empty and inside the steel building structure is still visible.

A major restoration began in 1984, and between 1988 and 1991, part of the building was converted into a restaurant.


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