Franzstrasse 60, 46395 Bocholt
GPX: 51.8282128395446, 6.628995574655223

In 1886 Ernst Hulvershorn founded an iron foundry in Bocholt that produced castings mainly as a supplier for machine factories of which Bochelt, a growing industrial town, had quite a few. It was a traditional iron foundry, with a cupola oven, fired with coke.

In the Second World War, the company, which employed around 400 people, was destroyed. Only in 1949 could a new foundry be built. A few years later, an additional machine factory was built, but it was closed again after ten years.

The company innovated in the types of cast iron it produced, and an electric smelting furnace was installed. It supplied qualified high-quality cast iron from then on.

In 2007, a second plant was opened at the new industrial estate outside Bocholt, where larger parts for wind turbines were cast.

After being taken over in 2017, the company went bankrupt two years later. The buildings have since been demolished. It is not yet known what will happen to the site, but the website is still active.

Places of interest in the area
Hulvershorn is the last iron foundry on the route. If you continue to the endpoint, you will arrive at:

Kubaai & Textile Museum, Industriestraße 1 - Bocholt
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