De Lovink

Lovinkweg 3, 7061 DT Terborg
GPX: 51.920087281929526, 6.375194121908696

Iron foundry De Lovink was established in 1911 along the Terborg–Varsseveld railway line. It is the youngest of the 12 iron foundries in the Oude IJssel and Aa tributary area. The company specialised in machine casting and manual casting; from the 1950s, a modern production line was set up. The company had up to 400 employees. The products were varied, e.g. for the automotive industry, cable joints, gas fires, parts for gas stoves, pan supports, but also street covers.

Tens of thousands of Lovink cable sleeves—a type of sleeve for connecting pieces of underground cables to keep them moisture-free—have been placed underground in the Netherlands. Originally made of cast iron, then sheet-iron filled with a plastic emulsion, later made entirely of plastic.

In 1970, a plastics division was established. The company also set up an enamelling department. Lovink managed to overcome the difficulties of the iron industry by modernising strongly. An electric smelting plant replaced the cupola furnace.

With the introduction of lost-foam technology, where the product's shape is first made of polystyrene before moulding, the company became one of the most modern iron foundries in Europe. The technique is well suited for complex castings, but the production cost is high.

In 2011, the centenary was given a special cachet when the designation 'Royal' was granted. Nevertheless, the foundry had to close down due to bankruptcy in early 2020. The production of plastic cable joints will continue under the name Lovink Enertech in a considerably slimmed-down company.

Places of interest in the area
On the way from De Lovink to Diepenbrock and Reigers, Ulft:

Brasserie Bij Ons & Church with ore, Market 1 - Silvolde
In the heart of Silvolde, you can enjoy tapas dishes at Brasserie Bij Ons. Behind the brasserie is a small church. Here you can see a piece of wall that is made up of chunks of iron ore.

From the large car park at the Lovink, on the left across the stream, you can see the rear façade of Kaak Foodprocessing Systems B.V. This metal company manufactures machines and complete production lines for the bakery industry worldwide.