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Jansplein 56
6811 GD Arnhem

On the corner of Jansplein and Mariënburgstraat stood the house of B.F. baron van Verschuer in the second half of the 19th century. In 1883, house and land were bought by the state with the plan to build a new post office there.

The first part of the new building was opened in 1889. State architect C.H. Peters (1847-1932) had the post office built in a neo-Gothic style with some neo-Renaissance features (harking back to late Gothic and early Renaissance).

When in 1905 the plot next to the new post office, which by mistake had not been bought in 1883, became vacant, it was also bought by the State. By 1908, the plans for the extension of the office were ready and construction began the same year.

Apart from a waiting room for the public, there was a room for registered letters, a room for the deliverymen and the director's room. On the first floor was the director's residence with nine rooms, a kitchen with pantry, a bathroom and terrace.

In 1968, the waiting room was completely modernised, with the star vaults disappearing. In 1994, there was another round of renovations in which the counters were exchanged for an open counter. The post office closed in 2004.


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